About Our Charcuterie Business


About Our Charcuterie Business

Graze Craze is a leader when it comes to national charcuterie businesses. Our highly effective business model maximizes profit and opportunities for growth. Led by United Franchise Group experts, our franchisees enjoy perks that other grazing board business owners don’t.

How Our Grazing

Platter Business Started

Now, Graze Craze is the latest addition to United Franchise Group, a leader in the franchising space since 1986. With their help, Graze Craze has become a cutting-edge franchise opportunity poised to expand throughout the U.S. They’ve streamlined processes like the steps to opening, training, marketing, and much more, so franchisees can spend more time focusing on the big picture – growing their charcuterie businesses!


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Our Customers

Graze Craze customers run the gamut from moms looking for a change of pace at snack time to corporate leaders who need catered food for events. No matter how big or small the orders, customers appreciate that they can place them online and in-store with the advantage of delivery options.

A few of the people that make up our dedicated customer base include:

Families looking to spice up special occasions

Couples who fancy a romantic picnic

Businesses that want to show their appreciation to employees and clients

Church and community groups in need of catering

People with special dietary restrictions that can’t eat processed foods

Our Stores

Graze Craze stores are simple to establish and operate. Because we don’t do any cooking on-site, you don’t need to invest in costly kitchen equipment.

Your employees become Grazeologists, taking each customer’s unique needs and preferences into account to create the perfect charcuterie experience. Customers are free to order right off the menu or request a custom box created to their liking.

Wherever you set up shop, our real estate experts will provide you with guidance to ensure you choose a location with all of the essentials for a grazing table business. We’ll also provide you with marketing assistance to help spread the word in your community about your newest Graze Craze location.

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