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Why Open a Graze Craze Platter Franchise?

We know that there are lots of food franchises to choose from, so why should you invest in charcuterie boards? There are lots of strong reasons to choose Graze Craze over choosing a typical restaurant model franchise. Learn about some of our competitive advantages.

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No Experience Necessary

Never made a charcuterie board? Never owned your own business? No problem. Don’t let your lack of experience stop you from opening you own catering franchise. As part of United Franchise Group, Graze Craze has developed an unbeatable training program to get you up to speed.

You’ll learn how to:

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Market your new business

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Find and retain customers

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Take and fulfill orders

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Manage bookkeeping

Ongoing Support

One of the best reasons to choose a platter franchise like Graze Craze is that we’ve already established a highly effective model that’s proven to work. We have systems in place designed to simplify your job as a franchisee, and we’re always looking for new ways to streamline things even further.

Franchisees can look forward to valuable resources like a software system designed to keep you organized, research and development to ensure you’re offering the most in-demand assortments, and business coaching to answer your questions and keep you on the right track.

We’re committed to helping every franchisee grow their business.

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Capitalize on a Growing Trend

While there’s no question that charcuterie boards are growing in popularity, they’re not a fad – they’ve been around for thousands of years! Ken Albala from the University of the Pacific explains:

For hundreds of years, people have been doing cheese boards and charcuterie, but I think it has been part of the rise of the interest in do-it-yourself artisanal craft food . . . It’s also very photographical, and a lot of food that is great is not . . . if you can arrange things in fun patterns, it looks nice, and that’s why it’s very Instagrammable.

People are more interested in charcuterie boards now more than ever. They lend themselves to every occasion and are a great option for those with food sensitivities as well as those who desire to eat fresher food made from whole ingredients. The growth in those becoming grazeologists continues to climb.

Graze Craze capitalizes on the trend while offering people convenience that they welcome. Like a fruit basket franchise, they can place their orders online or right in our stores and enjoy free delivery, right on schedule. We make it easier than ever for anyone to savor a charcuterie board made to their specific tastes.

Get in touch with Graze Craze today to learn more about the competitive advantages associated with our fresh fruit franchise.

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