The Growing Demand for Healthy Fast Food

The fast-food landscape is changing. More people are seeking fresh, nutritious menu options instead of highly processed, high-calorie fare. This shift is reflected in sales trends and forecasts.

For example, between 2016 and 2021, revenue for the health and wellness fast food category grew by over 20%.

There is also a generational divide. 70% of millennials say they will pay more for sustainable, locally sourced meals. This demographic cares deeply about what goes into their food.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend. With health and safety at the top of their minds, customers have become even more discerning about the quality of their takeout.

Graze Craze Meets the Need for Fresh, Nutritious Options

Graze Craze’s menu was carefully crafted to offer delicious fast-food options from the highest quality, nutritious ingredients. Our chefs have selected only the freshest vegetables, responsibly raised meats, wholesome grains, and more to build meals you can feel good about.

At Graze Craze, you will enjoy menu items with fresh vegetables and meats that are light, fresh, and nutritious.

Unlike traditional fast-food chains that rely heavily on processed ingredients and additives, Graze Craze celebrates the natural flavors of high-quality whole foods. Our menu has been thoughtfully crafted to give our customers great tasting and satisfying options that deliver balanced nutrition. We proudly provide handcrafted meals that taste delicious and nourish your body.

The Graze Craze Difference

At Graze Craze, we are reinventing fast food with our innovative business model emphasizing customization and an exceptional customer experience.

In addition, we strive to make every guest feel special through our exceptional service. Our team members are trained to provide friendly assistance during ordering and create an environment where customers feel cared for. We want dining at Graze Craze to feel like an enjoyable experience, not just a quick bite to eat.

These two pillars – customization and customer experience – set Graze Craze apart. We are bringing real innovation to the fast-food scene by giving guests more options, better service, and an enjoyable dining experience you will not find anywhere else. That is the Graze Craze difference.

Graze Craze Resraurant with car in front

Why a Graze Craze Franchise is a Smart Investment

The healthy fast-casual segment is one of the fastest-growing areas of the restaurant industry. According to researchers, with revenue increasing by 10% annually, this market is expected to reach $26.5 billion (about $82 per person in the US) by 2025, and Fast Casual Restaurant Market to Reach $337.8 million, Globally, by 2032 at 10.4% CAGR: Allied Market Research.

As consumers prioritize fresh, nutritious meals, Graze Craze is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this growing demand.

Graze Craze offers franchisees a chance to get in on the ground floor of this booming market. By leveraging our established brand and proven business model, franchisees can build a profitable business in their community.

Our franchise model provides numerous competitive advantages, from greater purchasing power to lower food costs. Franchisees benefit from shared administrative expenses and comprehensive training programs – allowing them to focus on day-to-day operations.

With industry-leading training and ongoing support, Graze Craze provides franchisees the perfect opportunity to be their own boss while capitalizing on health trends and building lasting equity in a successful business.

Our Thorough and Supportive Franchise Training Program

Becoming a Graze Craze franchise owner is more than buying a business – joining a supportive community. As soon as you sign on, you will participate in our comprehensive onboarding and training program to set you up for success.

The initial franchisee training program provides vital information and hands-on instruction at our corporate headquarters. Here, you will learn all aspects of operating and managing a Graze Craze franchise, from food preparation and customer service to marketing and finance. The intensive curriculum covers:

  • Menu planning and food safety protocols
  • Efficient kitchen workflow and food production
  • Hiring, training, and managing your staff
  • Inventory management and supply chain best practices
  • Store operations, policies, and procedures
  • Point of sale systems and daily financial management
  • Local store marketing, social media, and community engagement

The program also introduces you to key contacts at the corporate office, so you know who to turn to for guidance or help. Even after training, our support team can answer any questions with ongoing assistance. You will also connect with fellow franchisees to share ideas and best practices within the network.

With the tools and training we provide new franchise owners; you will feel completely prepared to hit the ground running on opening day and operate your Graze Craze franchise with success.

The Ideal Graze Craze Franchisee

To be successful with a Graze Craze franchise, you need more than just a passion for food. We look for franchisees with specific skills and attributes that set them up for success in this business.

Primarily, you must have an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to own your own business. A Graze Craze franchise offers support and training to start, but the drive must come from within you. Successful franchisees are self-motivated, proactive, and able to work independently without much handholding.

Strong business acumen is necessary. You do not need prior food service or restaurant experience, but understanding basic business principles like marketing, operations, and finance will give you a leg up. We will teach you the ins and outs of the franchise model, but a base knowledge goes a long way.

Exceptional customer service skills are crucial. At Graze Craze, the customer experience is our top priority. We look for franchisees with a genuine passion for caring for customers and who will reflect our values of friendliness and hospitality or hire someone to play this role. You will need to be comfortable interacting with people in a fast-paced environment all day.

Other essential attributes include sales skills to promote your location, attention to detail to ensure food quality and cleanliness, and problem-solving abilities for handling day-to-day issues. You will also need to be comfortable following the procedures and guidelines of our proven franchise system.

The ideal Graze Craze franchisee embodies entrepreneurial spirit, strong business acumen, and a love for customer care. You can succeed in the growing healthy fast-food industry with the right skills and passion.

Low Franchise Startup Costs and Ongoing Support

Opening your own Graze Craze franchise location is an affordable investment with a total estimated startup cost range of $150,000 to $300,000. This covers everything from real estate and buildout costs to equipment, inventory, training, grand opening marketing, and more.

We offer guidance on a variety of financing options to help make ownership possible for qualified applicants, including:

  • Unsecured loans and lines of credit
  • Rollover for Business Startups (ROBS)- using existing 401(k) or IRA
  • Traditional small business loans with an SBA-guaranteed component

Once your doors are open, you will receive continuous support from our dedicated team every step of the way. Our field operations staff will work closely with you on marketing, maintenance, equipment, inventory, new product rollouts, and any other operational needs.

You will also have access to our proprietary app and reporting dashboard to easily view sales data, place supply orders, review budgets and P&L statements, communicate with support staff, and more. Ongoing training opportunities will also be available through monthly webinars, annual conferences, and online courses.

Once your doors are open, you will receive continuous support from our dedicated team every step of the way. Our field operations staff will work closely with you on marketing, maintenance, equipment, inventory, new product rollouts, and any other operational needs.

You will also have access to our proprietary app and reporting dashboard to easily view sales data, place supply orders, review budgets and P&L statements, communicate with support staff, and more. Ongoing training opportunities will also be available through monthly webinars, annual conferences, and online courses.

With Graze Craze’s low startup costs and ongoing marketing and operations support, you can successfully run your healthy fast-food franchise location while we focus on growing the brand.


Steps to Becoming a Graze Craze Franchisee

Becoming a Graze Craze franchise owner is easier than you might think. Our streamlined application process allows motivated entrepreneurs to get started in just a few steps:

**Learn about the Graze Craze business model and offerings. ** Do your research to ensure you fully understand what makes us different. We encourage interested candidates to try our food, talk to existing franchisees, and thoroughly review our franchise disclosure document.

**Submit a franchise application. ** Once you have decided Graze Craze is the right fit, complete our online application. Be prepared to provide your background, experience, and financial position information.

**Meet with the franchisor. ** After reviewing your application, we will schedule an introductory call to discuss your interest in Graze Craze. This is an opportunity to ask questions and ensure you have all the details necessary to make an informed decision.

**Complete training. ** If approved, you will undergo a comprehensive training program covering all operational aspects of running a Graze Craze franchise. Training is conducted at our headquarters and prepares you to open your doors.

**Identify and secure your location. ** Work with our real estate team to find the ideal site for your Graze Craze, whether a standalone establishment or part of a more significant development. Once you have found the perfect spot, we will help you negotiate your lease.

**Build out and equip your franchise. ** Using our approved layouts and equipment packages, you will work with contractors to build and outfit your Graze Craze. We ensure you open quickly and start serving healthy food your community will love.

**Hold your grand opening! ** We provide marketing support to help you promote and launch your new Graze Craze franchise. Before you know it, you will be welcoming happy, hungry customers.

Starting a thriving Graze Craze franchise is easier than you think when you have the proper support. Let us guide you on the path to growth and success!

Join the Graze Craze Franchise Family Today

The time is now to join the Graze Craze franchise family and start your journey to owning your own healthy fast-food business. Our proven business model, thorough training program, and ongoing franchisee support have created a system that sets our franchise partners up for success.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for serving fresh and nutritious food, and a desire to make a positive impact in your local community, a Graze Craze franchise opportunity is for you. Our franchisees come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, from restaurant industry veterans to first-time franchise owners. What they all have in common is a shared vision and excitement about the Graze Craze brand.

When you become a Graze Craze franchisee, you will be part of a collaborative and supportive network. We are invested in each other’s success. Together, we are bringing convenient, wholesome food options to neighborhoods nationwide.

Do not wait – visit today to start the application process and open your own Graze Craze franchise location. We cannot wait for you to join our rapidly growing franchise family as we continue spreading our healthy and sustainable fast-food mission nationwide. The time for healthy change is now!