Charcuterie Franchise Opportunity

Starting a Charcuterie Business Is a Winning Franchise Opportunity

If you’re researching franchise opportunities, consider starting a grazing platter business. It’s a growing trend in the food industry, and you don’t need any prior experience to leverage it. Franchising is the perfect vehicle to break into this new sector, and Graze Craze is leading the way.

Why Choose a Food Franchise Opportunity

Rather Than Go It Alone?

Franchising allows you to get your business started quickly and on the right track. Franchisees enjoy a host of benefits that independent owners can only dream of.

As you can see, Graze Craze allows you to step into a model that’s already well-established, saving you time and money as you open your new business.

Independent Owners

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Need to generate their own marketing materials and campaigns

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Have no one to ask for help

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Need to create the most efficient processes from scratch

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Need time to experiment in order to create the most popular product offerings

Graze Craze Franchisees

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Collaborate with marketing experts to create effective local campaigns

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Can turn to our experts in business, charcuterie boards, and franchising to find answers

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Work within a proven system

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Sell a popular assortment of charcuterie boards that are designed for profitability

Three Franchises in One

When you choose Graze Craze, you’ll be able to leverage multiple dining trends, allowing you to tap into multiple revenue streams.

a charcuterie franchise opportunity

A Charcuterie Franchise Opportunity

Charcuterie boards are blowing up in popularity and offer something for everyone to enjoy. You’ll be meeting an increasing demand for these fresh and wholesome grazing options.

a catering franchise opportunity

A Catering Franchise Opportunity

While many of our customers are individuals or families, we work with a growing number of corporate clients who need catering for important meetings and events. This B2B service is such a significant part of our business that we offer corporate accounts to simplify their experience, allowing you to make the most of your Catering Franchise Opportunities.

a food delivery franchise opportunity

A Food Delivery Franchise Opportunity

In 2021, food delivery services grew 116% compared to 2020. We believe that the increased popularity of these services will endure well into the future, giving Graze Craze franchisees an edge. People love delivery almost as much as they love charcuterie boards, and our business capitalizes on both trends. Best of all, our franchises offer delivery options to customers in their area, so there’s no need for them to pay for third-party services.


As you can see, starting a charcuterie business is a winning franchise opportunity today.

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