Charcuterie boards have been around for a long time. The concept has evolved beyond basic cheese and crackers to include a wide variety of ingredients with endless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect grazing platter.

If you’re looking for charcuterie board business ideas, Graze Craze has some recent charcuterie trends to share that are being seen across the industry and social media. If you’re considering a franchise in the food business, why not consider Graze Craze as one that’s riding the wave in supporting new and innovative ideas when it comes to grazing.

Graze Craze has a proven business model and features a turnkey investment that includes virtually everything you need to get started. While we may be the newest brand to join franchising powerhouse, United Franchise Group (UFG), their 35-plus years of experience makes them experts in bringing newcomers into a business, showing them the ropes, and setting them on the path toward growth.

1. Individual Servings

While some say individual servings go against the principle of being able to share a grazing platter, trends like jarcuterie and graze bouquets are making a splash on the scene. Graze Craze offers customers all of the ingredients to create jarcuterie and graze bouquets and provides all of the deliciousness of a charcuterie board with our single-serving, portion-controlled packaging option.

2. Grazing Tables

Contrary to trend number one, grazing tables are larger charcuterie displays designed for large crowds. Perfect for parties, corporate, or large gatherings, our charcuterie boards can be combined to fill a table to become table-sized and serve large groups of people.

3. Meal Boards

While charcuterie can certainly be a meal in and of itself, the concept can be taken further to expand upon the theme of a meal. Breakfast boards are a great idea for brunch with friends, and dinner can be deconstructed to make mealtime fun for every one of your customers (think DIY tacos, sandwiches, etc.)

4. Fun Takes on Classics

Who doesn’t love festive food ideas? Fun ideas to entice customers include a charcuterie house (yes, you read that right) or charcuter-wreath. Charcuterie houses or chalets are a savory take on the classic gingerbread house. Your customers can use crackers, pretzels, and other sturdy snack material for walls and cover with their favorite meats and cheeses.

To create the charcuter-wreath, your customers can use our meats, cheeses, and veggies topped off with a flair of herbs to create a stunning holiday table display. These edible wreaths can bring the holidays inside to any table and leave plenty of room for customization.

5. Grazing Boxes

You can’t go wrong serving a classic! Graze Craze offers customers high-quality, personalized grazing boxes that bring charcuterie boards to their door or wherever else they’d like them delivered. Customers have the freedom to enjoy charcuterie wherever and can send grazing boxes to anyone they’d like. Our grazing platters come in eco-friendly packaging and are bio-degradable. Our boxes and platters are recyclable and are great options for customers to repurpose for gift wrapping or serving.

When you franchise with Graze Craze, there are endless ways you can use charcuterie board business ideas to help your customers with a wide variety of grazing platter options to fulfill all of their needs.

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