When considering a restaurant franchise, you may have concerns about staffing and space. Happily, a grazing platter business solves those issues and allows you to focus on running and growing your charcuterie business.

Why Graze Craze

Graze Craze is a great restaurant franchise opportunity. There are lots of franchise options out there, but investing in a grazing platter business has its competitive advantages over a traditional full-service or quick-service restaurant.

Here are some reasons to consider partnering in a grazing platter business with Graze Craze:

  • We’re backed by United Franchise Group (UFG). With their three decades of industry experience, we’ll help you create effective local campaigns; our experts can help answer all of your questions, and you’ll work within a proven system to sell boards that are designed for profitability. We’re there for you every step of the way.
  • Charcuterie is still very popular. This style of eating has existed since the 15th century and shows no signs of slowing down.
  • Our customers come from all sorts of backgrounds. We can do everything from a special picnic for two to corporate catering for hundreds of valued employees.
  • We offer delivery. With offering delivery, we’re capitalizing on two trends. And, our customers don’t have to pay for third-party services.
  • No experience is necessary. We have a proven business model to follow, a comprehensive training program, real estate assistance, marketing guidance, consumer research, order fulfillment, bookkeeping management, and unparalleled ongoing support.

Avoid Staffing and Space Issues

Thanks to our streamlined business model, Graze Craze is able to operate with minimal employees and in a smaller footprint. With this business model, the issues commonly found in restaurant franchises will be fewer.

Our kitchen spaces are smaller, but that means you’ll spend less on your rent and have fewer employees to hire. With fewer employees, you’ll deal with less drama and be able to provide your employees with a vision to the future.

  • No need for expensive equipment. There’s no cooking on-site, so your employee minimum and the square footage required are reduced.
  • We have a wide variety of house-made products. Our products include spiced ham, fresh-baked artisan bread, dips, condiments, and jams. Pair them with farm-fresh produce and our attention to detail, and you have something truly delicious. Additionally, we can cater our platters to customer’s dietary restrictions and preferences.
  • We don’t require a ton of space. Since we source some of our products from outside sources, all that’s really required of a kitchen space is prep space and counter space for assembly.
  • Multi-units help foster employee growth. When you open more than one location, you can have trusted employees take the reins at management positions.

Consider Graze Craze for a restaurant franchise opportunity that solves the common issues of the industry and helps you focus on growth for your grazing platter business.

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