Charcuterie boards have seen steady growth over the past few years, and for many good reasons. They’re often eco-friendly and nutritious, and with different flavors, there’s something for everyone on a charcuterie board. Charcuterie boards also capitalize on snacking, which, let’s be honest, virtually everyone finds enjoyable.

Grazing platters are visually appealing and make a great addition to both special occasions and everyday activities. Our unique and affordable solutions are perfect for hosting a party, catering a work event, a romantic lunch for two, or simply a way to treat yourself.

Charcuterie has evolved beyond basic cheese and crackers to include a wide variety of ingredients with endless possibilities. If you’re looking for some festive charcuterie board ideas to share with your customers, read on.

Festive Inspiration

The holidays provide many avenues of inspiration, especially when it comes to festive food ideas. We understand that some consumers may find the charcuterie process intimidating, so Graze Craze makes it easy for them to delight in boards that look just like the ones they’ve found online (and taste even better!) Our customers love us for the quality of our products and the attention to detail that our grazeologists use.

This holiday season, here are some ideas to inspire your customers:

  • Charcuter-wreaths use meats, cheeses, veggies, and herbs to create a stunning holiday table display. These edible wreaths bring the holidays inside to your table and leave plenty of room for customization.
  • Charcuterie houses or charcuterie chalets are a savory take on the classic gingerbread house. Use crackers, pretzels, and other sturdy snack material for walls, cover the structure with your favorite meats and cheeses, decorate the “yard” with veggies, and top with Parmesan “snow” for an extra festive look.
  • Grazing gift boxes bring charcuterie to wherever you’d like them delivered. Our grazing platters come in eco-friendly packaging, are bio-degradable, and would look very sweet wrapped in paper with bows. The boxes and platters we use are recyclable and are ideal for repurposing for gift wrapping or serving.
  • Christmas charcuterie boards use a variety of ingredients in red and green tones to create holiday structures like decorated trees or other festive silhouettes.

Our Customers

The beauty of owning a charcuterie board business with Graze Craze is that, much like our ingredients, our customers are unique. Our grazeologists enjoy taking each customer’s individual needs and charcuterie board preferences into consideration to create the perfect charcuterie experience. No matter how big or small their order is, customers appreciate that they can order high-quality products from us and enjoy in-house delivery options.

Among others, our dedicated customer base includes families hosting special occasions, couples looking for a romantic picnic, businesses that want to show their appreciation to employees and clients, church and community groups in need of catering, and those with special dietary restrictions. We have something for everyone!

Graze Craze stores are simple to establish and operate with our cost-effective, turnkey investment. We’re leaders when it comes to national charcuterie businesses, complete with a highly effective business model that maximizes profit and opportunities for growth. Join us and see how you can tap into this limitless market today!

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