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Graze Craze is innovating the charcuterie industry! We make charcuterie more accessible than ever while setting the bar high for grazing board franchises. Our franchisees are able to capitalize on snacking (which virtually everyone enjoys) and the versatility of charcuterie boards (they make a great addition to both special occasions and everyday activities).

We’re a standout opportunity. We got our start in the midst of a pandemic, and even during the toughest times, we continue to do great! As part of United Franchise Group (UFG), we’re able to provide our franchisees with our over 35 years of experience in franchising and our streamlined processes in one cost-effective, turnkey investment package.

There isn’t a lot of competition in the charcuterie franchise market. With the $378M charcuterie and $126.9B food delivery industries set to continue on their path to growth, there’s no better time to consider franchising with Graze Craze!

Distinctly Delicious Menu

Graze Craze develops steady followings in each community we serve, and it’s easy to see why! Our grazing board business features visually appealing charcuterie boards that are designed to be profitable for our franchisees. We fill these boards with high-quality, house-made ingredients that are complemented by fresh and wholesome fruits and vegetables.

Along with our farm-fresh produce, we also source fresh and wholesome ingredients including cured meats, fresh-baked artisan bread, and cheese, combined with our house-made sauces, dips, and jams. We have a charcuterie board to make every customer happy.

Our bold, innovative flavors mean there’s something for everyone, and customers love that they can adjust their boards to any dietary specification or personal preference. We have a menu of signature grazing platters that customers can completely customize.

In addition to our signature boards, we also feature limited-time offers throughout the year. We keep things fresh and allow customers the opportunity to try new items. Our franchisees can utilize these limited-time offers to create a marketing plan that leverages these new boards to bolster awareness of Graze Craze as well as regional or national events.

We keep the lines of communication open with our franchisees to collaborate on new board ideas and strategic partnerships. If a franchisee approaches us with a great idea, we’ll consider adopting the concept system-wide. In the same vein, we welcome strategic collaborations to align with local or national wine companies and wineries. We’ve established quarterly partnerships with wine suppliers to give stores the ability to sell or offer wine, depending on the state.

Proven Business Model

Graze Craze offers a winning franchise opportunity to break into the grazing platter sector! We’re leading the way with our proven business model. As part of UFG, we have access to industry experts who help us streamline our business model to cut back on costs while providing more efficient and simpler operations for our franchisees.

We’ve taken our proven business model a step further by leveraging multiple dining trends. As a Graze Craze franchisee, you’ll be able to earn revenue through several revenue streams. We’re three franchises in one: a charcuterie franchise, a catering franchise, and a food delivery franchise.

In the charcuterie franchise segment, you’ll provide fresh and wholesome grazing options for the community in your storefront. In the catering franchise segment, you’ll work with a growing number of B2B and corporate clients and commercial accounts. As part of the food delivery franchise segment, you’ll offer customers in-house delivery instead of third-party service provider options.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

In addition to having a unique, quality menu and proven business model, Graze Craze utilizes eco-friendly packaging for our charcuterie boards. We’re proud to have biodegradable packaging that includes palm leaf plates and utensils. Our charcuterie board boxes and platters consistently delight customers, as they can be repurposed for gift wrapping, decor, and entertaining.

Why should you invest in Graze Craze? Thanks to our unique, quality menu, proven business model, and eco-friendly packaging, we’re innovating charcuterie boards and setting ourselves on the track to becoming an industry leader.