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It’s no surprise that charcuterie board businesses saw a boom during the pandemic. Customers sought out healthy, creative takeout options, and charcuterie filled that niche nicely. With a variety of cheeses, meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, olives, spreads, and crackers, there is truly something for everyone with charcuterie.

A Growing Industry

As sales of charcuterie-style packaged snacks and meals have recently reached $378M, it’s predicted that the industry can see growth well into the future. Charcuterie boards are eco-friendly and nutritious while capitalizing on snacking (and who doesn’t enjoy snacking).

Charcuterie has evolved far beyond traditional cheese and crackers. Boards now feature different innovative flavors, and there’s something for everyone of every dietary discipline. These aesthetically pleasing boards have visual appeal, making them a great addition to both special occasions and everyday activities.

Customers love that they can place customized orders online and in-store while taking advantage of in-house delivery options. A sampling of our dedicated customer base includes families looking to spice up special occasions, couples who fancy a romantic picnic, businesses that want to show their appreciation to employees and clients, church and community groups in need of catering, and people with special dietary restrictions.

It’s easy to see why these unique and affordable solutions are part of a growing industry.

Why Start a Charcuterie Board Business?

Graze Craze stores are simple to establish and operate. If you’re driven to start your own business, ready to put in the hard work, and looking for more control over your career, consider opening a charcuterie business of your own. Our franchise opportunity has many benefits.

  • No cooking is required. Our restaurants require no expensive industrial kitchen equipment because charcuterie boards require no cooking. This not only reduces the initial investment but greatly simplifies day-to-day operations.
  • Charcuterie is a social media phenomenon. “Charcuterie influencers” can be seen in nearly a million posts on Instagram and in hundreds of dedicated groups on Facebook. Charcuterie boards are also starting to trend on TikTok.
  • There’s something for everyone. Charcuterie boards are completely customizable. Customers can satisfy their dietary preferences as we offer a wide variety of foods: fresh fruits, berries, nuts, and vegetables as staples. We have something truly everyone can enjoy.
  • Our stores have a smaller footprint. Graze Craze stores are designed to be run with just three to five employees. Since there’s no kitchen equipment, franchisees can take advantage of smaller spaces, resulting in smoother operations and a lower initial investment.
  • It’s a cost-effective investment. We’ve designed your investment to help you see maximum return on it. You’ll save on costly equipment and large leases, and we’re there to help you every step of the way, from finding the perfect location to securing the right inventory.
  • We’re partnered with United Franchise Group. The franchising powerhouse manages numerous growing brands. With over 35 years of experience, they’ve streamlined the process of opening new locations, bringing newcomers into the business, showing them the ropes, and setting them on the right track toward growth.
  • We offer multiple revenue streams. Between your storefront, catering, and food delivery options, you’ll keep busy and enjoy the revenue from every angle.
  • No experience is required! We work with franchisees from every background. As long as you’re motivated to start your own business and ready to work hard, you could be a great fit for Graze Craze.

Turn your hobby into a career with our Graze Craze charcuterie board business opportunity!

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