Many of us can look back at our younger school days and remember the joy that those pre-packaged cheese and crackers would bring. Build your own lunch – what a concept! You could craft whatever your heart desired, whether it was a traditional ham and cheese on crackers or entire stacks of cheese (who are we to judge?).

Charcuterie boards are enjoying a foodie renaissance. These adult “Lunchables” are not a new concept, as the spread of fanciful meats and cheeses has existed for centuries. This current revolution coincides with the artisanal food movement and has the ability to delight palates of any age or dietary discipline with an aesthetically pleasing layout.

The charcuterie industry is reflecting this boom. Recent sales figures of charcuterie-style packaged meat snacks/meals totaled $378M, an increase of 6.5%.

Now is a great time to capitalize on this growing trend with a charcuterie board business, and Graze Craze is the perfect opportunity to bring one to your community!

Social Media Phenomenon

Charcuterie hits a number of the right notes: it’s a do-it-yourself craft, an art form that can be personalized and consumed after. You can become a food artist and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s no wonder that charcuterie has flourished as a social media phenomenon, thus dubbing the term “charcuterie influencers.”

  • On Instagram, searching for the term “charcuterie” yields nearly one million results
  • On Facebook, there are hundreds of dedicated groups
  • On TikTok, users are reporting explosive rates of notifications and new followers

Any way you plate it, charcuterie is a food trend with staying power. Customers love the ability to choose from preselected board ideas or use their creativity to create a new board based on their food preferences. Some interesting predictions about where the trend could go next include plant-based “meats” and “cheeses” and deconstructed meal boards.

Why You Should Start a Grazing Platter Business

Graze Craze offers many advantages with our grazing platter business opportunity. For starters, we’re three businesses in one. Our franchisees love that they can tap into multiple revenue streams while leveraging multiple dining trends.

One part of the business is the charcuterie franchise opportunity, where you’ll provide fresh and wholesome grazing options for your community. The second part of the business is a catering franchise opportunity, where you’ll work with a growing number of corporate and B2B clients. The third is a food delivery franchise opportunity, where you’ll offer delivery options to customers instead of using a third-party service.

With franchising, you can get your charcuterie business started quickly and on the right track. Our franchisees step into a well-established, proven business model that’s designed to save you time and money. We provide comprehensive training, so there’s no experience necessary. We also provide ongoing support, so you can turn to our experts and find the answers you need for anything business, charcuterie board, or franchising related.

Additionally, Graze Craze provides owners with a popular assortment of charcuterie boards that are designed for profitability. Our turnkey investment includes virtually everything you need to get started and thrive, including collaboration with our marketing experts to create effective local campaigns.

Choose Graze Craze for a winning franchise opportunity for starting a charcuterie board business.

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