Charcuterie is an art form. When you consider the science behind time-tested preservation techniques and how the concept has evolved into a modern cultural phenomenon, charcuterie perfectly balances the old world with the new. There’s a reason why the charcuterie industry continues to see growth after existing for thousands of years, and Graze Craze is leading the way with an innovative franchise opportunity.

The industry saw strong growth during the pandemic: sales for deli meats and charcuterie in the US totaled $950M in 2020. And that’s not all, as the industry is expected to grow 10% annually.

This growth is attributed to consumers’ desire to recreate premium culinary experiences at home. Fit for any occasion, charcuterie provides a creative outlet for people to curate and build masterful boards with a personalized range of great-tasting, shelf-stable products. Additionally, charcuterie boards make for captivating social media-worthy photos.

With the growing market for charcuterie and franchising offering the perfect vehicle to break into the sector, we’re leading the way.

The Science Behind Charcuterie

Long before commonly available refrigeration and freezing, people relied on dry salting methods to preserve meat. As the charcuterie industry continues to see growth, more people are interested in discovering the science and techniques behind preparing meat products.

So how does charcuterie come to be? Through the combination of salt, chemistry, temperature, and environment, the meat becomes shelf stable, the flavor is developed, and the product is safe to consume without the use of heat. Salt removes moisture from the meat, causing preservation through osmosis. The aging process can then start, imparting flavor depending on the temperature and environmental factors.

Some products, like dried sausages, utilize salt and acidity (commonly obtained through live starter cultures) prior to stuffing to lower water activity in the meat by decreasing the pH. The sausage is then incubated and set in a humid environment, where it ages, loses water content, and becomes shelf stable. Other products, like dry-cured hams, are rubbed with salt and left to cure, rest, and age over a period of time at different temperatures.

An Innovative Opportunity Available in the Charcuterie Industry

Charcuterie is just one of the many delicious products Graze Craze carries at our stores. Customers love us first and foremost because of the quality of our products: they know their charcuterie board is guaranteed to be fresh and delicious.

Our innovative franchise opportunity is also built on convenience. While many customers enjoy charcuterie boards, some may find the process of assembling them time-consuming and intimidating. We make it easy for them by creating boards they can enjoy and that look just like the ones they see online and taste even better.

In addition to our innovative charcuterie boards, our opportunity features a cost-effective investment. We’ve taken all cost factors into consideration, creating an investment designed to help you see maximum ROI. We’ve eliminated costly cooking equipment, and you can count on our support at every step, from finding the perfect location to securing the right inventory.

Quite possibly our most innovative asset is our proven business model. When you franchise with Graze Craze, you can take advantage of three unique revenue streams. These revenue streams include:

  • A charcuterie franchise. You and your employees will meet the increasing demand for fresh and wholesome grazing options for customers, creating something for everyone to enjoy.
  • A catering franchise. While many of our customers are individuals or families, we’re seeing a growing number of corporate clients looking for charcuterie catering services for meetings and events.
  • A food delivery franchise. The pandemic drove food delivery services through the roof. This increased popularity is expected to endure well into the future. We take convenience to a whole new level by sweetening the deal with delivery options in each area we serve. We’re able to capitalize on this trend without utilizing third-party services.

If you’re looking for an innovative franchise opportunity, there’s no better option than Graze Craze!


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