There are a lot of food franchise opportunities out there. Think about it: how often do you see franchised restaurants in your community? It’s estimated that nearly 195,000 restaurant franchise establishments existed in 2019.

As a growing trend in the food industry, charcuterie is showing no signs of slowing down. Graze Craze is your way to break into this sector with a leading brand and a catering franchise opportunity.

Why Franchise?

Graze Craze is proud to be the latest addition to United Franchise Group (UFG)’s franchise family. Through our partnership, we’re able to support you every step of the way. UFG provides us with the proven business model and decades of experience to ensure our franchisees that the only risk you can take is not doing it sooner.

When you become a food franchise owner, you’ll quickly see that your business will get up and running quickly, with a path to success. Our well-established model helps guide you through operations, as well as save you time and money.

Our franchisees enjoy being able to collaborate with marketing experts to create effective local campaigns. While we work with a proven system, Graze Craze food franchise owners can turn to our experts in business, charcuterie boards, and franchising to find answers whenever they need to. We help our franchise owners to sell a popular assortment of charcuterie boards designed for profitability.

No Staffing Issues

We’ve developed the Graze Craze initial investment to incorporate everything you need to get started. The investment includes training, equipment, hardware, real estate costs, uniforms, signage, initial marketing expenses, and inventory.

Thanks to our streamlined business model, Graze Craze requires no costly kitchen equipment as there’s no cooking required and minimal staffing requirements. A team of just a couple of additional employees is all you really need, as their primary functions are cutting fresh fruit and assembling product. Plus, you can bring in additional revenue with our catering franchise opportunity.

We Do Catering, Too

Did you know that Graze Craze is actually three businesses in one? It’s true! Our triple-threat business model allows you to leverage dining trends and tap into multiple streams of revenue.

Popularity. Charcuterie boards are currently very popular, and with good reason. Not only are they delicious, but you can personalize them to cater to your needs and preferences. We offer something for everyone to enjoy.

Catering. While some of our guests are individuals or families, we’re also seeing a growing number of corporate clients and requests for meetings and events with our catering franchise opportunity. Our B2B service is picking up and becoming a significant part of our business.

Food delivery. With food delivery services growing, you have the option to capitalize on two trends in one. Our franchises have the edge over others in that we offer delivery options to customers in our community.

When you open a charcuterie food franchise with Graze Craze, you can avoid common staffing pitfalls and enjoy secondary revenue streams like a catering franchise opportunity.

Contact Graze Craze today to learn more about our food franchise opportunities!