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Check Out Our Innovative Franchise Opportunity

Artfully arranged and aesthetically pleasing, charcuterie boards are a food trend with staying power. Thanks to the ability to delight palates of any age or dietary discipline, a franchise opportunity with Graze Craze is a great way to capitalize on this growing trend while going into business for yourself.

Charcuterie is enjoying a foodie renaissance at the moment, but the culinary craft has existed since the 15th century. Since that time, the concept has evolved far beyond cheese and crackers as the current revolution coincides with the artisanal food movement. Offering a variety of cheeses, meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, olives, spreads, and crackers, charcuterie boards truly have something for everyone.

Part of the reason for charcuterie’s resurgence is social media. The do-it-yourself nature allows anyone like yourself to become a food artist and enjoy the fruits of your labor. In fact, there are actual “charcuterie influencers.” Charcuterie boards have flourished as a social media phenomenon:

  • On Instagram, searching for the term “charcuterie” yields nearly one million results
  • On Facebook, there are hundreds of dedicated groups
  • On TikTok, users are reporting explosive rates of notifications and new followers

Graze Craze can help you bring high-quality, convenient charcuterie boards with white-glove level concierge services to your community and build a strong customer base.

The charcuterie industry is booming: Sales of charcuterie and packaged meats rose to $378M after seeing a compound annual growth rate of 6.5%. Now is the time to start a charcuterie business, and there’s no better partner than Graze Craze!

Unique and Affordable Solutions

Customers love Graze Craze! Our grazing board business develops steady followings in each community they serve, and it’s easy to see why: there’s an array of intriguing options to please just about anyone. Plus, who doesn’t love snacking?

Visually appealing, charcuterie boards are a great addition to both special occasions and everyday activities. Our hand-crafted personal and picnic boxes, platters, and grazing tables can be created for any size gathering, whether a small group or large crowd. Charcuterie is perfect for spicing up everyday lunches, making an impression at social events, or serving large groups at business meetings or wedding receptions.

Customers love that they can place customized orders online and in-store, and take advantage of in-house delivery options. Our dedicated customer base includes families looking to spice up special occasions, couples who fancy a romantic picnic, businesses that want to show their appreciation to employees and clients, church and community groups in need of catering, and people with special dietary restrictions, to name a few.

We source the highest quality ingredients in each category, and our attention to detail is what sets us apart. Our fresh and wholesome ingredients include cured meats, fresh-baked artisan bread, and cheeses, which we combine with farm-fresh produce and our house-made sauces, dips, and jams.

The different, innovative flavors we create mean there are a variety of grazing possibilities to suit everyone’s taste buds on a charcuterie board. While we supply a menu of signature grazing platters, our platters are completely customizable. We give our customers the flexibility to cater their grazing platters to their individual needs, personal palates, and dietary specifications.

As the proverbial cherry on top, Graze Craze is proud to utilize eco-friendly packaging. Our charcuterie boards come in biodegradable packaging, including palm leaf plates and utensils. Customers delight that our boxes and platters can be repurposed for gift wrapping, decoration, or serving.

Innovative Franchise Opportunity

Graze Craze is a unique, innovative franchise opportunity. Our franchising opportunity allows you to get your business started quickly and on the right track with a host of benefits that independent owners can only dream of.

We’re actually three businesses in one. Our franchise owners love that they can tap into multiple revenue streams while leveraging multiple dining trends. One part of the business is the charcuterie franchise opportunity, where you’ll provide fresh and wholesome grazing options for your community.

The second part of the business is a catering franchise opportunity, where you’ll work with a growing number of corporate and B2B clients. The third part is a food delivery franchise opportunity, where you’ll offer delivery options to customers instead of using a third-party service. Our customers love that they can trust us for fast, free delivery.

We’re part of United Franchise Group (UFG). UFG is a franchising powerhouse with nearly four decades of industry experience and numerous growing brands. They’re experts at streamlining the process of opening new locations and know how to bring newcomers into a business, show them the ropes, and set them on the right track toward growth.

Our well-established, proven business model is devised to save you time and money while helping you see maximum ROI. We provide franchise owners with an assortment of popular charcuterie boards that are designed for profitability. The cost-effective investment requires a smaller footprint, including a less complex kitchen setup and less square footage for the facility.

Our smaller footprint helps your business two-fold: you can run your business with just five to seven employees, and you can save money on your lease since our stores don’t require as large a location as a typical restaurant. Graze Craze sets our franchisees up for success with less headache and a lower initial investment.

What Makes a Franchise a Cost Effective Investment?

We’re committed to helping every franchisee grow their business. When you invest in a Graze Craze franchise, you receive virtually everything you’ll need to open your business. Your initial investment includes our training program, equipment, hardware, real estate costs, uniforms, signage, initial marketing expenses, and inventory. Our streamlined investment helps our franchise owners save on costs and simplifies day-to-day operations. You’ll feel confident that you’re investing in everything you need and nothing you don’t.

We’re there for you every step of the way, from finding the perfect location to securing the right inventory. Worried you don’t have enough experience? Don’t be! We work with franchisees from every background. Having no food prep or business experience is no problem. If you’re driven to start your own business, ready to put in the hard work, and looking for more control over your career, there’s no better opportunity than Graze Craze. Even if you’ve never made a charcuterie board or owned your own business, we’ve developed an unbeatable training program to get you up to speed so you can run your business with confidence.

Our comprehensive training will teach you how to market your new business, find and retain customers, take and fulfill orders, manage bookkeeping, and more. With our proven system, you’ll enjoy collaborating with marketing experts to create effective local campaigns and can turn to our experts to find answers when you need them.

We provide continuous, ongoing support in the form of valuable resources like a software system designed to keep you organized, research and development to ensure you’re offering the most in-demand assortments, and business coaching to answer your questions and keep you on the right track.

When you’re ready to leverage your investment even further and are looking for opportunities to grow, Graze Craze is there to help! Our multi-unit franchise opportunity can help you leverage your training, experience, and investment even further.

When you open multiple locations, you can take advantage of many additional benefits. You’ll see that multi-units are a great way to build up a stronger customer base faster. You’ll multiply your potential profits, maximize the results of your marketing spend, create more opportunities for valued employees to move up, and fully leverage the time you’ve spent mastering our business model. The experts at Graze Craze are there to help you maximize the impact on your area and give you an edge when it comes to real estate, with plenty of room to save money, minimize risk, and enjoy the benefits of low overhead costs.

Graze Craze offers a crazy amount of perks with our franchise opportunity: become a franchise owner and see how far our grazing platter business can take you!

To find out more about investing in a Graze Craze franchise opportunity, get in touch today!