Franchise technology systems are a big part of the puzzle that makes Graze Craze work as a concept. We’ve built our business model to encompass three franchise concepts in one: a charcuterie franchise, a catering franchise, and a food delivery franchise. These three revenue streams allow you to leverage several dining trends at once, maximizing your potential profits with our multi-unit concept.

As a part of the booming food delivery industry, Graze Craze franchisees are able to establish an edge over the competition. In the US, the online food delivery market reached $26.2B in 2021, with growth expected to continue well into the future. The industry has now become a major market contributor, and the technology in franchising we provide to our franchisees helps them harness the potential across multiple locations.

When we partnered with franchising powerhouse United Franchise Group (UFG), Graze Craze franchisees gained many industry advantages that helps with managing multiple units. You can collaborate with marketing experts to create effective local campaigns, turn to business experts for answers to all your questions, work within a proven system, and sell a popular assortment of charcuterie boards designed for profitability – the perks are seemingly endless.

Quite possibly the greatest advantage that UFG provides us is our proprietary software programs. These franchise sales software programs cover a wide range of tasks to simplify operations especially when you’re overseeing multiple locations, including:

  • Finding and retaining customers
  • Taking and fulfilling orders
  • Managing bookkeeping
  • Keeping you organized
  • Completing inventory
  • Systemizing food delivery

Technology allows us to pass on useful information and updates to our franchisees. We stay innovative through our product offerings, especially limited-time offers (LTOs). Graze Craze offers innovative offerings throughout the year to keep things fresh and to try new things. You’ll keep your locations bustling with some of our popular LTOs, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, International, and South American boards.

We utilize technology to take our LTOs even further. Our expert marketing team creates a marketing plan that ties into the LTOs and bolsters awareness of specific products showcased at regional and national events. This is a great boost for multi-units, as it not only generates consumer attention and increases customer traffic, but also drives additional revenue for franchisees.

Thanks to technology, Graze Craze is able to maintain strategic partnerships. Our franchisees can align with local or national wine companies and wineries, to sell or offer wine in addition to our charcuterie boards (depending on the state). This is a great opportunity for multi-unit investors to connect wine companies or local wineries with each of their stores. In some instances, franchisees have promoted a wine vendor partnership of the quarter – because what goes better with cheese than wine!

Plus, when you franchise with Graze Craze, you have the opportunity to partner in innovation with your franchisor. We listen to our franchisees and see if their idea sparks an opportunity. If it works out, we’ll bring your unique concept to the entire franchise system.

Choose Graze Craze for a franchise opportunity that embraces technology to put our multi-unit franchisees ahead of the competition.

Contact Graze Craze today to learn more about our franchise technology systems for your investment!