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What’s the craze about? As the No. 1 grazing business franchise, Graze Craze makes starting a charcuterie business as simple as cheese and crackers! 

We offer innovative multiple unit food franchise opportunities. Now you can take our franchising opportunity to the next level by opening multiple stores at once!

Graze Craze gives franchise owners virtually everything they need to start their grazing board business, with resources and ongoing support to set them on the path to success. Our grazing board stores develop steady followings in each community they serve, thanks to our house-made ingredients of the finest quality and fully accessible concierge-level customer service, all at a reasonable price. 

Our multi-unit opportunity makes it simple to open more locations at once, expanding your customer base while limiting risk and lowering overhead costs. We feature streamlined initial costs, and our expert team is ready to help with ongoing support, a proven business model, and a comprehensive system that’s designed to save you money and time.

Opening multiple locations can help you develop an entire market. You’ll build up a stronger customer base faster and can take advantage of many multiple location perks, such as:

  • Commercial real estate discounts. Property management firms are more likely to offer exclusive discounts when leasing multiple locations.
  • Advertisement savings. You can cover multiple stores in a single marketing campaign.
  • Supplies and inventory. You can share supplies and inventory between locations.
  • Employee growth. Prospective employees can look forward to advancing their careers with more opportunities for management positions.

Charcuterie has existed for a long time, but the past few years have taken the style of eating to new heights. Grazing platters are ever-evolving and have surpassed basic meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts to include specialty foods in stunning designs. Graze Craze proudly features only the best ingredients, with room to experiment with board components to create traditional, inventive, and seasonal pairings.

What Does Multi-Unit Marketing for Our Franchise Look Like?


If you’re looking to break into the food industry and take control of your career, consider starting a charcuterie franchise business with Graze Craze! Our franchise opportunity is the perfect pairing for multiple units while further limiting your risk and lowering overhead costs.

Graze Craze has partnered with franchising powerhouse United Franchise Group, allowing us to offer many industry-leading resources to our franchise owners. Our expert multi-unit franchise team is there for you every step of the way, providing you with ongoing assistance, a proven business model, a comprehensive system, simplified operations, and more, all designed to save you time and money while opening and running multiple units.

One of the greatest advantages to opening multiple locations in the same territory is that you’ll be able to save on advertising costs. You’ll be able to cover multiple stores under a single advertising campaign, providing significant savings. 

As part of your initial marketing expenses, we’ll also help you secure marketing resources, including marketing concepts, plans, systems, and strategies. You’ll have the necessary signage and marketing collateral, multi-location digital marketing and advertising solutions, local marketing, launch materials, and so much more as part of your solid marketing campaign support. 

 It’s our goal to see your Graze Craze stores succeed! We make it easy to access all your marketing needs through our comprehensive dashboard, where you can handle everything from online marketing to business cards and flyers.

Our support doesn’t end once you’ve had your grand openings; we keep you up to date with bulletins on sales and service methods, marketing development and strategies, and/or business and operating procedures. Graze Craze makes marketing multiple locations a simple process where we do all the heavy lifting for you.

How Do Franchise Technology Systems Drive Our Multi-Units?


Technology is essential in our digital day and age and a big part of the puzzle that makes our multi-unit franchising opportunity work. Graze Craze has designed our proven business model to include three franchise concepts in one: a charcuterie franchise, a catering franchise, and a food delivery franchise. By harnessing the power of these three revenue streams, you can leverage several dining trends at once and reach a bigger audience, maximizing your potential profits. 

The booming food delivery industry has seen significant growth since the onset of the pandemic, reaching $26.2B in 2021. Graze Craze franchisees are able to harness the potential of this growing industry and establish an edge over their competitors, thanks to our franchise technology systems.

Our advantageous partnership with United Franchise Group provides seemingly limitless perks for Graze Craze franchisees. UFG provides us with proprietary software programs that are designed to help in all aspects of the business while simultaneously simplifying operations. 

The franchise sales software programs are designed to generate consumer attention and provide additional revenue by helping you:

  • Find and retain customers
  • Take and fulfill orders
  • Manage bookkeeping
  • Stay organized
  • Complete inventory
  • Systemize food delivery
  • Keep current with industry updates and limited-time offers
  • Maintain strategic partnerships

The technology we utilize at Graze Craze helps you stay ahead of the competition and see a stronger return on your investment.

What Does Charcuterie Training Look Like?


Multiple locations doesn’t mean more training! In fact, when you invest in multiple locations with Graze Craze, you can leverage your charcuterie training across all stores. Our training is the same whether you have one store or five. 

Graze Craze makes our multi-unit franchise opportunity extremely accessible thanks to our flexible qualification requirements. Unlike other franchise opportunities, you are not required to have prior food prep experience when franchising with us. Our franchisees come from every background and are able to utilize our comprehensive training to get up to speed quickly. 

The franchising experts at United Franchise Group have used their 35-plus years of experience to help us bolster our training. Our unbeatable training program shows you virtually everything you need to start and successfully run your business.

Included in your initial franchise fee, you’ll attend our initial training program for four to five weeks before opening your store. We’ll teach you how to market your business, find and retain customers, take and fulfill orders, manage bookkeeping, and more. Once you complete initial training, our expert franchise development team will come to your store to provide on-site training and guidance to begin operations for five days. 

With Graze Craze, you’re in business for yourself, but never by yourself! After training, you have our ongoing support every step of the way. Our ongoing support includes valuable resources that are designed to keep you on the right track to business success. We’re committed to helping every franchisee become successful!

How Do I Find Charcuterie Board Vendors?


One of the greatest advantages to choosing a multi-unit catering franchise opportunity with Graze Craze is our support. You’ll never have to worry about finding the best charcuterie board vendors.

Our goal is to set our franchisees up for success with virtually all of the resources they need to be successful. The partnership we maintain with United Franchise Group means that we’re able to leverage their decades of industry experience and excellent vendor relationships to translate into worthwhile advantages for our franchisees.

United Franchise Group provides us with industry-leading advantages like eCommerce solutions, a brand marketing fund, purchasing power and supplier network, and more. They also have extensive networks around the world to provide our franchisees with vendors and suppliers, no matter their location. 

United Franchise Group employs a central shared services division across their food brands, allowing Graze Craze franchisees to gain access to preferred food suppliers and vendors with built-in relationships. We’ll ensure you’re well-stocked, thanks to our network of wholesale restaurant food distributors and independent suppliers. Plus, you can bring in regional flavor with locally sourced fruits and vegetables. 

Having preferred vendors is a great asset, as they can save you time and money. You won’t have to worry about scrambling to find ingredients, and you’ll know that you’re getting great pricing on the items you need. We’ll set you up with our preferred vendors and inventory management through our proprietary franchisee portal. Graze Craze makes managing multiple locations simultaneously a worthwhile and easily achieved endeavor with our ongoing support.

Opening multiple locations with Graze Craze means you have our support every step of the way, so you can focus on building a stronger customer base faster and make the maximum impact in your area.

Want to Develop an Entire Market of Charcuterie Stores?

Real estate

Investing in multiple Graze Craze locations provides strength in numbers and allows you to determine your territory. With more stores, you can build a stronger customer base faster, see more profit, and increase your return on investment. 

When you elect to open three or more charcuterie franchise locations, you’ll be able to create your own territory. Graze Craze has built many advantages for multi-units into our franchising opportunity, designed to save you time and money. We’re able to streamline and keep costs low, so you can greatly reduce your initial investment and simplify day-to-day operations. Graze Craze locations employ a smaller footprint than a typical restaurant. We require no costly restaurant kitchen equipment, and our stores only need three to five employees. 

Through our partnership with United Franchise Group, we’re able to provide our franchisees with expert commercial real estate guidance and professionals to find the perfect locations for your stores. Real estate experts can provide you with trade area analysis, retail synergy, engaging local expertise, site selection process assistance, letters of intent, help with franchise lease components, and more. They understand the market, our site requirements, and where our concepts will work best. 

As a Graze Craze franchisee, you’ll enjoy franchise terms that are specific to your locations, as well as territorial protection within a one-mile radius of your stores. We’ll help you find the right locations, so you can develop an entire market!

What Is Our Innovative Franchise Mission?

Culture and values

At Graze Craze, we follow an unpretentious mission. Our goal and core values are to deliver best-in-class ingredients by providing concierge-level customer service at a reasonable price, so our customers can celebrate everything!

It’s our mission to value all our franchisees, employees, and customers to the greatest extent. Instead of a business results-driven culture, we developed our mission to reflect our high standards for all our locations by going above and beyond to ensure all of the elements of our franchise opportunity align to produce the best results possible for our customers and employees.

We also embrace the United Franchise Group mission statement: We have one customer: our franchisee. When they are successful, we are successful. We know that our franchisees are the heart of our brand, so we provide all the resources they need to become successful entrepreneurs. 

Graze Craze is also committed to giving back to the communities that we serve. Through UFG Cares, we’re able to give back financially as well as invest and participate in our local communities. Additionally, franchisees are also encouraged to support local causes that are important to them. We’re proud to be able to enhance the lives of others by giving back to those communities. 

Our multi-unit franchise opportunity is too good to pass up – Graze Craze can help you in all aspects of the business, so you can focus on becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Contact Graze Craze today to learn more about our innovative charcuterie franchise opportunity for your community!