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You may wonder if investing in multiple units with Graze Craze means more training. Luckily for you, our charcuterie training is the same whether you own one store or five. You’ll be able to leverage your training and knowledge across all of your stores.

While some franchise opportunities require prior experience in the industry, Graze Craze has flexible qualifications. Our franchisees come from every background and do not require previous food prep experience. Through our partnership with franchising powerhouse United Franchise Group (UFG), we can offer an unbeatable training program to show you virtually everything you need to run your business successfully.

Our initial training program is included in your initial franchise fee. You and your Operator Principal will spend four to five weeks in training before opening your store. Training takes place at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida.

During training, you’ll learn all about how to market your new business, find and retain customers, take and fulfill orders, manage bookkeeping, and more. After training, our franchise development staff will provide on-site training at your location for five days. They’ll also provide guidance in regards to beginning operations.

Our ongoing support features a plethora of valuable resources that are designed to keep you on the right track. We’re committed to helping every franchisee become successful and grow their business. You’ll be able to utilize our software system to stay organized, take advantage of our research and development to offer the most in-demand assortments, and access business coaching to answer any questions you may have.

One of the most significant benefits of franchising is being able to utilize our proven system, and franchise training and support. You’ll be able to learn the lessons we’ve learned and see how we’ve adapted. Our methods of processes  have been designed to simplify your job as a franchisee, and with our unbeatable franchise training programs, you’ll be able to keep the quality consistent across all your locations.

Contact Graze Craze today to learn more about our charcuterie training and what our opportunity means for your community!