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Real estate

Graze Craze is a great concept for multiple-unit investing because it provides strength in numbers. Investing in multiple charcuterie store locations allows you to determine your territory, and with more stores, you can see more profit and return on investment.

Our charcuterie board stores are easier to manage than traditional restaurant concepts. Graze Craze franchise owners can take advantage of having a smaller footprint than a typical restaurant. With a smaller location, you’ll greatly reduce your initial investment and simplify day-to-day operations. You’ll also reduce your staffing requirements, as our stores need only three to five employees. Additionally, with no cooking required, our stores don’t necessitate costly restaurant kitchen equipment.

We offer franchise owners the ability to open a single location or several locations right off the bat. With a low-overhead and streamlined initial costs, Graze Craze offers an excellent opportunity to open multiple locations. By opening three or more locations at once, you’ll create your own territory where you’ll be able to build up a stronger customer base faster.

Plus, investing in multiple locations in the same territory can help you save on costs.

  • With commercial real estate, property management firms may be more likely to provide exclusive discounts and other perks when leasing multiple locations.
  • We offer a discount on your franchise fee for each location you open after your first.
  • You can save on advertising costs as you’ll often be able to cover multiple stores in a single marketing campaign.
  • You can also save on supplies and inventory, as these can be used between locations.
  • You’ll be able to provide more opportunities for advancement for employee growth.

One of the greatest advantages to investing in a multi-unit opportunity with Graze Craze is that we’re there to provide you with guidance every step of the way. Through our partnership with United Franchise Group (UFG), we use their 35-plus years of industry experience and real estate professionals to find the perfect locations for your stores.

Our real estate experts can assist you with trade area analysis, retail synergy, engaging local expertise, site selection process, letters of intent and franchise lease components, and more. We’ll take several factors into consideration, including visibility, ample parking, full access curb cut, appropriate square footage, local competition, population demographics, nearby restaurant sales, and more. Graze Craze concepts work best downtown, with patio or endcaps, a walk-up storefront, and near other attractions.

We do offer other franchise models, such as ghost kitchens, with similar site considerations. Whether you’re looking at storefronts or non-traditional sites, we’ll help you find the best location for your business.

When you sign your franchise agreement, your franchise terms are specific to your location (or locations with regards to multi-units). As a franchisee, you’ll enjoy territorial protection within a one-mile radius of your Graze Craze stores. In our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), you’ll be able to learn more about our territories and how those work.

Our strength in numbers philosophy really adds up. Opening multiple locations with Graze Craze is a smart way to develop an entire market while seeing more profit and return on investment.

Contact Graze Craze today to learn more about bringing our charcuterie store franchise opportunity to your community!