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Starting your own business is a great way to take control of your career and become your own boss. Working independently might seem like a good idea, but franchising is a better way to leverage your investment and reap a host of benefits.

Sales of charcuterie types of packaged snacks and meals reached $378m in 2019, an increase of 6.5% from the previous year. Younger generations are turning to snacking instead of three large meals, changing the consumer landscape to embrace flexible eating. Graze Craze is different from other food franchises and offers a great opportunity to break into this booming industry.

What Is an FDD?

As you research different franchises, you may often come across the term Franchise Disclosure Document or FDD. Wondering what this is? We’re here to help break down what the FDD is and how it can help you in opening a charcuterie board franchise with Graze Craze.

FDDs are a key component of the franchising process. These documents exist to provide prospective franchisees like yourself with all of the pertinent information necessary to make a decision about which franchisor you will work with. Often included in this document is information about the franchisor, franchise system, and agreements.

Within an FDD, there are usually 23 items that are covered. These items include: a brief history of the franchisor and company, litigations, bankruptcy, fees, investments, restrictions, obligations, financing, training and support, territories, trademarks, patents, copyrights, renewal or termination, public figures, financial performance, franchisee locations, financial statements, contracts, and receipts.

It might seem like a lot, but the information contained in the FDD is designed to help you decide if franchising is the right next step for you.

Why Graze Craze?

There are lots of perks associated with franchising with Graze Craze! For starters, we’re backed by United Franchise Group (UFG), a franchising powerhouse with over 35 years of experience in the industry. Together we’ve streamlined our model and process to make operations simple for franchise owners.

No cooking is required. We don’t require stoves, ovens, or microwaves, reducing the initial investment you need to make and greatly simplifying day-to-day operations.

Charcuterie is growing in popularity. While it’s not a new concept, charcuterie is increasing in popularity on social media, with over a million search results and hundreds of dedicated groups.

There’s something for everyone. Customers can personalize their charcuterie boards to their taste preferences and dietary requirements.

Our restaurant has a smaller footprint. Since Graze Craze is all takeout, delivery, and catering, our restaurants can be set up in a smaller footprint and run with just three to five employees.

We feature a cost-effective investment. Your investment is designed to help you see a maximum return on investment (ROI). There’s no costly cooking equipment to purchase, and we’re there to help you with virtually everything you need to get started and stay on the right track.

We’re designed for growth. Our multi-unit franchise opportunities are a great way to leverage your experience further with limited risk and low overhead costs.

No experience, no problem. We work with franchisees from every background, and our comprehensive training can help round out your experience so you can operate your business with confidence. If you’re motivated to start your own business and ready to work hard, you could be a great fit for Graze Craze.

At Graze Craze, we make the process of launching a charcuterie board business simple and rewarding. Get started by reaching out today, and be sure to ask about our FDD for all the details!Contact

Graze Craze today to learn more about our franchise disclosure document!