One of the greatest features of charcuterie boards is that they’re completely customizable. When your customers are craving something savory, we’ve got it! If the preference is sweet, we’ve got that too! No matter your customer’s dietary specifications or disciplines, Graze Craze has charcuterie board ideas for everyone.

The New Year is synonymous with resolutions, and many choose to adjust their eating habits to adopt healthier diets. Maybe your customers are stuck in a rut of the same meals over and over again. Either way, charcuterie boards can provide fresh and healthy alternatives to the same old.

Charcuterie boards can help customers stick to their diet and shake up their menu routine. They will appreciate that they can stop by Graze Craze for grazing platters full of fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, and spreads that are quick, fun ways to eat healthy any night of the week.

It’s All About Balance

Charcuterie boards can achieve balance through activation of each of the five tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. This is easily accomplished through a bounty of healthy food choices that are part of a well-rounded diet.

A sampling of our menu items include:

  • The Gone Grazey: Our signature platter features a variety of cured meats, cheeses, colorful fruits, and vegetables with a touch of something sweet.
  • The Grazey for Keto: Our Keto platter offering allows Keto grazers to stay within their dietary needs by offering more of the protein elements and less carb and sugar components.
  • The Vegegrazian: Our vegetarian/vegan platter option provides an array of in-season farm fresh raw crudites arranged with yummy dips.
  • The Sweet & Grazey: Our sweet dessert platter contains fresh fruits such as assorted berries and grapes along with some gourmet chocolates and traditional sweets (everything in moderation for the New Year of course!).
  • Artisan Beads, Gourmet Pickles and Crackers

Charcuterie Boards are a recommended creative and healthy choice of eating. Your customers who present with very specific dietary needs can pick and choose what best suits them.

Franchising Process

Graze Craze makes owning your own charcuterie business simple. We’ve developed a proven business model that is designed to save you time and money while you start and run your location. The initial investment includes virtually everything you need to get started. The first step in our franchising process is to reach out. Our franchise development team is happy to answer any questions you might have, as well as discuss your financial and background qualifications.

From there, we encourage you to review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) thoroughly and submit an application. If you are accepted, you’ll attend a Discovery Day where you’ll have the opportunity to meet the corporate team and get a sense of our company culture.

Next, you’ll participate in our comprehensive training program. Our expert real estate team will help you with demographic research to identify the best potential locations in your market. They will also help with lease negotiations and the planning and implementing buildout and remodeling. During this time, we’ll also help you secure the necessary signage and marketing collateral. Finally, our in-house marketing experts will create a marketing campaign around your grand opening.

Graze Craze can help you take your charcuterie board ideas and turn them into a thriving business.

Contact Graze Craze today to learn more about how our charcuterie boards can please every palate and dietary discipline!